All group classes are currently held at Jason Thomas Dance Studio (Mallets Ope). Zoom Classes online!

MONDAY 9:15 Pilates Mat Level 2 – a flowing Pilates class to start your week… breathe, move & feel good!

MONDAY 10:30 Gentle Pilates – a slower pace class with gentle options. Suitable for osteoporosis and 60+ or those new to exercise 

WEDNESDAY 10:45 Fit 60+ Pilates – regular Pilates with more emphasis on joint mobility and strength for active ageing. We include more standing work for balance and posture.

THURSDAY 9:00 General Level / Fit Beginners – building a strong foundation in the basic Pilates moves. Working towards a Roll up and building strength. 

THURSDAY 10:15 Pilates Level 2 dynamic/strong – a flowing class with plenty of challenge! Working at an Intermediate Classical Pilates level (Roll Up, Roll Over, Open Leg Rocker, Teaser etc..)

FRIDAY 10:00 General Level ZOOM CLASS – different levels / options offered. Before joining a Zoom class you’d need to be familiar with the Pilates exercises and no injuries/issues.

Class size limited to approx 12 per class and are pre-booked in 12 week terms (see prices, Term & Conditions below)


Classes are a much higher quality when people commit for a full term. It allows the classes to progress each week building on themes, advancing knowledge and developing a much deeper understanding.

Having a regular group each week also allows the teacher to get to know each of the class participants, understanding their individual needs (any health issues or injury history) and provide appropriate exercises.

Committing to a course of classes also promotes regular attendance – which is how you’ll notice results!

This mode of teaching group classes is VERY different to a “drop in” style format (such as at a gym/leisure centre) where the teacher will not know the members of the class and anyone can turn up (beginners, elderly or people with back problems in the same group as elite athletes…).

We will sometimes be using Bands, Balls, Magic Circles, Foam Rollers, and other small props to improve posture, flexibility, strength & muscle tone.  These small props are provided. Please BRING YOUR OWN MAT to class.

Classes at Jason Thomas Dance Studio, Per 12 week Term £114 (£9.50 per Class)

Term booking ONLY. No refunds or class rollovers. If you miss your regular class (due to holiday etc..) catch ups classes within the same term are available (Zoom or at JT studio). I also record some Zoom Classes and these can be used for home practise (especially helpful if you miss a class due to holiday). Zoom recordings are only for students enrolled in my group classes.

Zoom Classes 12 week Term £90 (£7.50 per class). Only suitable if healthy & injury free with previous Pilates experience.

If you have any injuries, serious back problems or medical conditions a 1:1 would be recommended before joining a group class. Please also check with your GP that he/she is happy for you to commence a program of exercise.


If you’re interested in joining please email for class availability, dates and other information Contact